Open Studio Day!

The house is clean, the sign is up, time to see if the advertising worked!! This is my Open Studio Day a sort of launch to the general public of Ploome Fiber Arts. I wanted to say "Hey everyone, I am here, an artist working from home and this is my new life! Come take a workshop this summer!"

My husband Andrew and I moved into our house about a month ago, in that time we have managed to unpack, put up shelves, build me a felting table and buy four little chickens (well we started with 5 but sometimes that is the way nature goes).

Today we are inviting over family and friends to tour our house, snack on some tasty treats and see our new life. I also have my felting table set up and ready incase anyone wants to see a demonstration.

*revision: It was a success! Nearly 50 people came to visit, we had so much fun gave a tone of tours while I handed out brochures and took names for the newsletter. Everything is starting to come together!



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