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Hello World.

Anyone who has ever tried to start a blog before will know that the first line on your first draft always reads "Hello World" how daunting. Like this is it; my Victorian coming of age party, and I am filled with fear that I might trip, or do something irreversibly embarrassing that slanders my name for all eternity.

Deep breath. It is just a blog.

I have started many blogs before; at age 11 I went by the name Red Rose and gave unsolicited love advice to my grade 6 class mates. At age 15 I tried again to record the day to day life of a teenage girl wishing that I could one day parallel the life of Amanda Soule, and that my hand could write as gracefully as Sue Monk Kid the author of the Secret Life of Bees.

I make no promises.

So here I am again, probably for the 8th time attempting to write that first introduction to the world about what it is I do, why I do it and what I plan to write about, but this time I think I might actually be ready.

My name is Anna Mathis, I am a fiber artist and I am jumping in head first into the world of being self employed and building my company Ploome Fiber Arts. Hopefully this will be a record of the day to day workings in my studio, what projects I am working on, what courses I am teaching and the ins and out of trying to get a business off the ground. The whole Shebang.


#Fiber #fiberarts #fibrearts #wearableart #workshops #ploomefiberarts #AnnaMathis

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