Grand Manan

I managed to get a few people registered for my Grand Manan Felted Weekend Extravaganza, (this event would take place over two full days and we were going to be making a variety of wearable art pieces) but due to unforeseen events we had to cancel. I plan to start advertising earlier next year, this is simply a lesson learned and I look forward to teaching on Grand Manan Island in the future.

Since I had the weekend booked off in my calendar to head to the island and stay at my mothers cottage, I thought I might as well go anyway. So my mother and I packed up the car full of Ploome products, booth display stuff, got Gracie pug ready to go and the cat in her carrier and off we went!

Chick flick rented, check

Extra sweater for the cool nights, check

Taproot magazine, check

Hand dyed yarns and rovings, check

Wine, check and check.

On Saturday we set ourselves up at the Market, and were welcomed by the artistic community with open arms. I was so thankful to have my mother there as we set up the display, and became the dynamic selling duo. Weekly market goers and tourists asked questions tried things on and oohed and aahhed over the products I have been making all summer. I felt so validated, even though my workshop had been cancelled and I was disappointed, all of this hard work was beginning to turn into something tangible.

I paid my mother for her time by buying her a pulled pork sandwhich from one of the vendors at the market (of course it was only a gesture, for now love was going to have to cover the rest of my debt).

The cutest little set up on a windy island morning!

My mother in the background, and a very happy customer wearing her new felt silk and merino wool scarf!

And once we packed it all back up the rest of the weekend was full of much relaxing, laughing and tea drinking. (This photo is from the Harrington Cove Tea Room.)



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