AHHH! We made it!

After about 11hours straight of driving my husband and I pulled into our destination, a small dock at the end of a gravel road. John McConnell and Linda Watsons came to greet us, they helped us haul what we needed for the night into a boat. In the dark with flashlights we putted across the lake to their cottage on an island.

We had two beautiful days of swimming, fishing, kayaking and exploring before we had to go set up our booth at TWIST. It was such a treat spending time there, we ate delicious meals had fun around the campfire and it reminded me of the summers I had spend as a child at our cottage.

Friday came and we drove the hour to Saint-Andre-Avelin, walked into the enormous room full of vendors clanging and banging, lights burning bright and anxious with so much to do. We were a bit overwhelmed but it all came together and by the end of the night I was absolutely thrilled with our booth.

Moosehill Woodworks

Sunday morning I set up my Felted Vessel Workshop and with every new face that entered the room I was filled with even more excitement, my cheeks growing warm and pink. Well we had an absolute blast, every step went as I had planned, I hadn't forgotten anything crucial at home, we laughed and everyone was so happy with the beautiful creation they got to take home.

(Photographs by Sebastien Lavallee)

Monday we got back on the road first thing in the morning leaving it all behind, with our car stuffed to the brim, and our heads and hearts full of memories.

I had such a wonderful time at TWIST I really really hope they have me back next year!



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