Fibre Arts Network Sale

I am a member of the Fibre Arts Network which is a group of fiber artists here in Fredericton. We meet once a month to share ideas, organize gallery shows, and attend craft sales as a group. I have found (especially after finishing school) that it is so important to spend time with like minded people, these are the ones you can share new ideas with, get feedback from, or are individuals that can work together to accomplish larger goals. Most importantly they might be an artist collective, a community, or a group of gals that is as excited about art making as you are. These creatives make your fascination with wool, yarn, knitting, or weaving feel a little bit more normal because it definitely IS something to be excited about!

Well our fibre arts network attends a number of craft sales around Christmas and in the spring and this weekend we attend a sale at the Fredericton Exhibition centre. 7 different artist throw a booth together on a Thursday night, and share shifts all weekend long. This makes doing a big sale like this much less intimidating, we share the fee, the time and we each do our part to fill up the booth with product.

Thanks so much to everyone who made this sale a success and do keep an eye open for us we will be having a show ourselves in December11th 2016 from 12:30-4:30 at the Train Station Liquor store in Fredericton. Woven woolens, silk scarves, felted collars, hand dyed yarn, Christmas ornaments, and more!

See you then,

Anna xoxo

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