January + February

This morning I woke up and was actually greeted by a bit of sunlight! The high today will be above zero and contrary to popular belief, both the groundhog and I think that spring is on its way.

I am still going through my first full year and rotation as an artist, I feel like I only really got started in May last year. I am learning the ebbs and flows of each month, the changes in my personal practice with the change of the seasons.

The fall is for workshops, for savouring the last of the warm weather and preparing for what is to come with winter. Put the garden to bed, make, make and make product to build up inventory for the coming season.

Winter brings Christmas craft sales galore, one after another with little room to catch a breath or make new things, so everything has to be prepared ahead of time. Then there is a lull in business at the end of December, a break, to spend time with family.

January is for sleeping, and spending time on the computer. Planning, advertising, organizing, researching. It is a long dark month, spent mostly curled up by the fire, applying, and finding new opportunities and thinking ahead.

I am finding myself again in February, January's planning has paid off, my schedule is full and money is starting to come in again. I actually have time to experiment with art. I am not having to focus on production line work, I can try the things I have wanted to and actually have the energy to do them. I am thinking ahead to gallery shows, letting the artist in me soar.

Spring is for teaching, sharing and inspiring. Everyone is ready to break out of their hibernation and try something new again. Rejuvenate, new growth, and feed the soul with fibre arts. Fancy spring sales are on the horizon, requiring updated booths (that fit in my toyota echo) and a bit of travel.

I love change, and I am loving these each unique chapters of my year. I am an artist, an entrepreneur and a teacher. Some months I have to be more one than the other but that is okay, because I am loving it all. Though I do have to admit, I cannot WAIT for the snow to all be melted!

Anna xoxo

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